JDM Series Tachometer




Utilizing a Japanese Stepper Motor Movement and a digital display this gauge gives you both analog and digital viewing in one gauge.  This gauge is the fastest most responsive in our line up. Whisper quiet and lightning speed makes this series the one to get if you are looking for the ultimate in performance, speed and accuracy. 
Each gauge has a fully programmable warning feature built right into the gauge. Customize the gauge for your application, set the gauges to warn you at any level using the button on the front

We incorporated our unique micro led’s around the scaleplate which come on and trail the pointer as it cycles in a cool Blue color. The Blue led’s turn red as you pass your programmed warning level.

Power up the first gauge then daisy chain each additional gauge. Less wiring means faster install. Plug and play wiring harness included. No cutting / Splicing wires each gauge comes with a direct harness from the gauge to their respective sender.

All of our JDM Series gauges perform a dramatic opening ceremony with a full digital sweep each time the vehicle is turned on. 

These gauges are very thin, perfect for tight mounting options only 1 3/8″ deep

52mm (2 16″) mounting diameter

(Japanese Dual Movement)
With Warning function
(Blacked out when off)


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