Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Narrow Band




The Prosport 52mm JDM Stepper gauge, Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge allows you to monitor your engine’s air to fuel mixture, ensuring it is at optimal levels, resulting in reduced emissions and better fuel economy.2 great colors that can be changed by a button on the front. If that was not enough this gauge also has a fully adjustable warning feature that can be changed and set by the single button on the front. Another great feature about this gauge is that it has a dual screen so as well as the stepper it also has a digital display. best selling for a reason as it puts other gauges in the 52mm range to shame.

This gauge will give you a good estimate of your vehicle’s air/fuel mixture, but if you are looking to really tune your vehicle we recommend purchasing our Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge.
Adding the Narrowband Air/Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor allows you to install the gauge to your vehicle if it does not have an existing narrowband sensor. This oxygen sensor features a single green wire that attaches to the gauge’s green wire using the included butt connector and heat shrink, resulting in an easy and waterproof connection.

Main Gauge Features..

52mm analog and digital display

progressive illumination

Adjustable white or amber selection by button

Plugged sensor harness

Daisy chain so easy to power up other gauges in the series

Amazing start up sequence

Slim depth only 30mm

Gauge type : 52mm JDM Stepper afr narrow band gauge

Gauge style : smoked lens with silver bezel with 2 different colors ( white or amber )

Gauge features : 2 great colors at a touch of a button, dual stepper and digital, brightness adjustment by changing the color setting and memory

kit contains : gauge, dash pod, loom and instructions

Package weight : 0.4kg


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